A very important part of the smart wearables are of course the textile materials, making patterns, cutting the materials and sewing the materials for products.

Albany International, Vantaa (Finland) 
A global company of advanced textiles and materials processing company.

Alfredo Grassi, Lonate Pozzolo (Italy)
Producing technical textiles, developing innovative materials and Smart solutions to ensure safety and at the same time comfort and wearability.

ALTEXTextil-RecyclingGmbH & Co.KG (Germany)
Mechanical recycling of textiles. In addition to recycled fibers, the company's production includes fiber fabrics and innovative hardboards made from waste textiles or recycled fibers.

Born, Dingelstädt (Germany)
Development and production of innovative, intelligent textiles in the fields of medicine, sports and leisure as well as fashion.

C.P.E. Production, Forssa (Finland)
A ballistic/riot and training equipment manufacturing

CreamTex GmbH (Germany)
Textile collection and sorting company.

Cuitu, Turku (Finland)
A Finnish fashion brand that creates modern accessories for urban nomads.

Dafecor(only in Finnish), Turenki (Finland) 
Produces new products from the leftover of textile industry.

Delipap, Veikkola (Finland)
Develops, produces, markets and sales hygiene products.

E. Laiho(only in Finnish), Lohja (Finland)
Produces work clothing for companies' , municipalities' and cities' employees. 

Finn-Nauha, Haapamäki (Finland)
Specializes in the industrial manufacture of technical webbing, cords and braiding. 

Finn-Savotta, Karstula (Finland)
Designs and produces functional equipment, like back bags, for professional and leisure use.

Foxa(only in Finnish), Forssa (Finland) 
Develops and procures work, military and outdoor clothing fabrics.

Image Wear(only in Finnish), Tampere (Finland)
Produces work clothing.

Inka, Killinkoski (Finland)
Manufactures textile tapes.

Lymed(only in Finnish), Tampere (Finland) 
Designs and manufactures medical pressure garments.

Norafin Industries Germany GmbH (Germany)
Manufactures technical nonwovens from natural fibers or high-performance chemical fibers and operates in the cleaning, hygiene, protective clothing, filter and composite industries.

Orneule, Orivesi (Finland)
Largest manufacturer of knitted goods in Finland.

Pepper Vally, Athens (Greece)
A brand, manufacturer and R&D organization, that design and produce textile products and Smart Textiles applications in several sectors such as Sports, Fashion, Performance Active wear and Well-being.

Renewcell, Tukholma (Ruotsi)
A textile recycling company with its own Circulose® product made from 100% recycled textiles.

Satab, Saint-Just-Malmont (Ranska)
Create, weave, braid and knit ribbons, braids, webbing, cords and other narrow textile items.

Sidoste(only in Finnish), Tampere (Finland)
Manufactures socks.

Sukkamestarit, Ylöjärvi (Finland)
Manufactures socks.

Tam-Silk(only in Finnish), Kangasala (Finland)
Manufactures clothes.

Teema Line Oy(only in Finnish), Forssa (Finland) 
Manufactures products, e.g. for shooting sports under their own Kurt Thune brand, in addition to which they also do product development, making patterns, cutting and sewing as subcontractors. The company has extensive know-how and capabilities for many types of processes in the textile industry. Feel free to contact the company with your own idea.