Finnish Textile & Fashion's conventional fibers Textile fiber guide (only in Finnish)

Ioncell fiber biodegradable fiber made from used textiles, cellulose and newspapers without harmful chemicals.
Articles about Ioncell fiber:
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– Marja Rissanen, Inge Schlapp-Hackl, Daisuke Sawada, Susanna Raiskio, Krishna Ojha, Edward Smith and Herbert Sixta. 2022. Chemical recycling of hemp waste textiles via the ionic liquid based dry-jet-wet spinning technology. Textile Research Journal 0(0) 1–13, Volume 93, Issue 11-12.

Spinnova fiber is made of wood pulp

Nordic Bioproduct Group Norratex fiber is a plant-based fiber

Selvitys selluloosamuuntokuiduista, Marja Rissanen, TAMK…tulossa


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