Companies in the technology sector play an important part in the realization of smart clothes and accessories. These companies manufacture sensors, actuators and other components (hardware). Digitization and application development (software) enable the collection of data and other important information from smart electronics integrated into clothes, accessories and other textile products.

Ab.Acus, Milan (Italy)
Technologies focused on health care, such as home care monitoring and remote rehabilitation.

ADDEV Materials, Lyon (France)
Manufactures tapes, films, adhesives and chemicals for the aviation, defense, healthcare, transport and industrial sectors.

AMHOR, Wuppertal (Germany)
Manufactures flexible, conductive tapes.

BeFC, Gières (France)
Manufactures thin, light and flexible biodegradable, environmentally friendly and economically viable "biobatteries".

Bergfeld Lasertech, Aachen (Germany)
A company offering laser services, which specializes in for lasering flexible electronics, display and lighting technology.

Bioservo Technologies, Kista (Sweden)
Technology for wearable, muscle-strengthening products.

Bitbrain, Zaragoza (Spain)
A neurotechnology company that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence and hardware to develop innovative products.

Blautic, Valencia (Spain)
Create smart low-power electronic devices with advanced sensors and wireless data transmission.

Clayens Group, Genas (France)
Industrial manufacturer of plastic processing, metal technology and electronics.

CTP – Center Technique du Papier, Gières (France)
Expert in the design of new products and processes for printed electronics, in particular on cellulosic substrates, and for several applications such as packaging, building, medical, or robotic.

ComSensus, Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Customized IT solutions.

Controlar, Alfena (Portugal)
Development of hardware and software for the electronics industry, especially for the automotive industry.

Contronix, Radebeul (Germany)
Solutions for electronics in various fields: RF, power electronics, analog circuits.

CreaPhys, Dresden (Germany)
Customized solutions in the field of thin film electronics for R&D and production scale.

DIENES Apparatebau GmbH (Germany)
Manufactures and supplies modularly designed spinning and processing laboratories, pilot plants and small-scale industrial lines for innovative textile fibers. The company offers solutions, e.g. for the development of recycled polymers and bio-based fibers.

Dracula Technologies, Valence (France)
Prints sustainable energy for indoor devices.

Elantas, Hamburg (Germany)
Manufacturer of insulation and protective materials.

Electrolomas, Barcelona (Spain)
Manufacturer of electronic circuits and assembler of electromechanical devices, also for flexible films.

Elitac Wereables, Utrecht (Netherlands)​​​​​​​
Specialize in integration techniques & haptic feedback technology in healthcare, safe, research and sport sectors.

Enfucell, Vantaa (Finland)
Manufactures thin, flexible SoftBatteries, that shape, thickness and size can be customized according to the customer's needs. Offers services from product development to mass production focused on printed and hybrid electronics.

Epishine, Linköping (Sweden)
Produces organic solar cells.

Esyst, Brno (Czech Republic)
Supplier of intelligent tunable-white lighting.

Eurecat Technology Centre, Barcelona (Spain)
A company familiar with the modification and coating of materials, printed electronics and traditional electronics.

Eurotronics, Antwerpen (Belgium)
Manufactures printed circuit board technology.

Fae Technology, Gazzaniga BG (Italy)
Offers innovative design and manufacturing services, e.g. in the design and prototyping of embedded electronics and customized electronic products.

Finsa, Barcelona (Spain)
Manufactures technical filter fabrics.

Fleep Technologies, Milan (Italy)
Manufactures printed electronics.

Freudenberg, Dresden (Germany)
Screen printing specialist with expertise in printed electronics, printed glass and acrylics and round objects.

Henkel, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Supplier of printed electronic materials and services.

IDEA, Ancona (Italy)
A design company operating in the fields of electronics, automation and IT.

In2tec Limited, Kettering (England)
Research and design of flexible electronic solutions for clothing/accessories, motor sports, medical and industrial applications.

InnovationLab, Heidelberg (Germany)
Specialist in printed and organic electronics, especially flexible printed pressure sensors.

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG, Ebnat-Kappel (Switzerland)
Expert and manufacturer of sensors.

Interactive Wear AG, Starnberg (Germany)
Develops and manufactures electronics designed for textile integration. Specialized in heating, light, sensory and feedback solutions. Also offers application software and mobile applications connected to wearable intelligence.

Inuru, Berlin (Germany)
Prints light in different shapes.

Iten, Dardilly (France)
Manufactures rechargeable, high energy density micro-batteries that are suitable for e.g. for medical devices, smart cards, building automation, clothes and accessories.

ITP, Weimar (Germany)
Manufactures smart textiles by connecting sensors and actuators to them. The electronics used are flexible and washable.

Kauko, Vantaa (Finland)
Innovates and creates seamlessly functioning digital solutions with a combination of devices, software and services that meet end-user needs.

Kilt(only in Finnish), Tampere (Finland)
Laser technology expert, laser equipment, maintenance service and process know-how.

Kinetic Analysis BV, Breda (Netherlands)
Develops hardware and software products and services. Specializing in data collected from human movements using customized measurement tools exclusively in sports and medicine.

LEAP Technology, Aabenraa (Denmark)
Develops and manufactures soft mechanical sensors suitable for clothing and motion tracking applications.

Lenkki, Kankaanpää (Finland)
Manufactures components needed by the shoe industry, the health and safety industry, the construction industry and the animal food industry and offers a wide variety of support services for manufacturing.

MCVE Technologie, Augny (France)
Develops industrial solutions for printed electronics using copper plating technology.

Mentech Innovation, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Manufacturer of medical technology and developer of software for understanding emotions.

MK Fluidics, Oulu (Finland)
High accuracy laser cutting of nano- and micropatterned shims and laser welding them to sleeves to be used in R2R nano imprinting manufacturing processes.

Montr, Haag (Netherlands)
Software and application development.

My Company, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Software and application developer.

Myontec, Kuopio (Finland)
Cutting-edge wearables company which takes muscle activation technology – electromyography (EMG) – out of the lab, for a new dimension in understanding muscles behavior.

Nano Dimension, Waltham (USA)
Industrial electronics 3D printing.

Nanopaint, Braga (Portugal)
Develops innovative electroactive inks for the printed electronics market. Offer partial or complete solutions that may include printed sensors, data acquisition electronics and analysis software.

New Cable Corporation, Oulu (Finland)
Manufactures shielded, flexible and flat cables.

Nicomatic, Bons-En-Chablais (France)
Manufactures standard and special electrical connectors for demanding conditions.

Norcop, Chevigny Saint Sauveur (France)
Develops, manufactures and sells plastic films and sheets coated with functionalized nano-layers.

Normandy Coating, Arques la Bataille (France)
Offers solutions for copying, tracing, printing, laminating and labeling.

Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence, Helsinki (Finland)
Developer of the ACT Head Impact Tracker device for various sports to prevent injuries to the head area.

NTPE – Nova Tech Paper, Torres Vedras (Portugal)
Produces printed electronic circuit boards, sensors and semiconductors on any cellulose-based paper.

Offcode, Oulu (Finland)
Designs and develops software, mobile and embedded systems. Areas of expertise also include user interface technologies and wireless systems.

OrelTech, Berlin (Germany)
Offers a variety of metallization techniques. Metallization ink (electrodes, electronic shields, catalytic surfaces and metal coatings) can be applied to almost all surface materials and forms.

PhosPrint, Athens (Greece)
Laser bioprinting for demanding cell printing applications.

Piezotech, Pierre-Benite Cedex (France)
Manufactures organic and printed electronics.

Polyteknik, Oestervraa (Denmarkj)
Offers products for the thin film industry.

Printed Electronics Limited, Staffordshire (England)
Integration, development and commercialization of processes and systems for the manufacture of electronic circuits, structures and devices using screen printing, digital, additive and inkjet methods.

Prismade Labs, Chemnitz (Germany)
Integrate secure electronic tags into everyday paper products.

Quad Industries, St.-Niklaas (Belgium)
Manufactures customized printed electronics.

Saurer Spinning Solutions GmbH & Co.KG (Germany)
A technology company focused on innovation in fiber and yarn processing, including machinery, components and software.

Screentec, Oulu (Finland)
Provides disposable medical electrodes and sensors from design to mass production.

Senorics, Dresden (Germany)
Development and manufacturing of sensors for identifying materials.

Sensing Future Technologies, Coimbra (Portugal)
Develops pressure and force sensors.

Sensing Tex, Barcelona (Spain)
Development of solutions based on the Sensing platform for the fields of sports, well-being and healthcare. The solutions combine textiles and stretchable circuits with state-of-the-art electronics and IT technologies.

Schreiner Group, Oberschleißheim (Germany)
Produces functional labels mainly for the technology and healthcare industries.

Smart Systems Hub, Dresden (Germany)
Develops easily integrated IoT system solutions.

Symbiose, Pugnac (France)
Develops and manufactures smart plastic surfaces and specializes in e.g. for screen printing, plastic processing, thermoforming, electronics.

Tacterion, München (Germany)
Develops intelligent surface solutions.

Tailorlux GmbH (Germany)
Provides invisible material markings using inorganic characters that can be read in seconds.

Tagenea, Donostia-San Sebastian (Spain)
Produces digital labels with intelligence, display and wireless data transmission.

Teiimo, Germering (Germany)
Manufactures textile-integrated systems of sensors, electrodes, wires and electronic devices for measuring, analyzing and transmitting biometric, movement and location data in real time and for post-operational analysis.

Tekhne, Valladolid (Spain)
Hardware design for industry, transport and communication sectors.

TES Frontdesign, Neuruppin (Germany)
Manufactures customized control panels.

Textechno H. Stein GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Delivers testing equipment for effective quality control in the textile and synthetic fiber industry.

Thaumatec, Wroclaw (Poland)
Offers IoT cloud and data analytics solutions.

Torr Scientific Limited, East Sussex (England)
Manufactures X-ray anodes, UHV lenses and performs anti-reflection coating treatments.

Valoe, Mikkeli (Finland)
Produces solar energy technology.

Witte Technology, Münster (Germany)
Produce forgery-proof and copy-proof, self-adhesive marking systems, official documents and vehicle safety products with approx.

Ynvisible, Charneca da Caparica (Portugal)
Produces interactive printed graphics solutions based on electrochromics (EC). The screens manufactured by the company are low-power, light, thin, flexible, transparent and robust.

Zinergy UK, Cambridge (England)
Designs, develops and manufactures thin, printed batteries suitable for IoT and smart label devices.