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The textile laboratory offers pilot-scale yarn spinning and repetition (minimum amount of 20 g of fiber raw material). The manufactured yarn can be knitted with a single-feed circular knitting machine. The textile laboratory also offers applied and multidisciplinary product development services, where the equipment and know-how of all TAMK laboratories can be utilized. In addition, consultation, customized trainings and the creation of quality manuals are available.

The textile laboratory's testing possibilities include, among others:

  • Abrasion resistance and pilling
  • Colour fastness properties, also colour fastness to light and weathering
  • Strength properties, e.g. tensile strength and tearing strength
  • Fire resistance
  • Hydrostatic pressure resistance
  • Standard washes
  • Air permeability
  • Applied identification of materials

The textile laboratory has, among other things, the following testing equipment:

  • Martindale (James Heal), abrasion resistance and pilling
  • CRE machine (Testometric 5 kN), breaking force, tearing force, seam slippage, seam breaking force, yarn breaking force
  • Gyrowash (James Heal), colour fastness to laundering
  • Elmendorf (James Heal 64 N), tear force
  • Spray (James Heal), water repellency
  • Hydrostatic pressure (Textest 20m), resistance to water penetration
  • Air permeability (Textest)
  • Fire properties of textiles, e.g. protective clothing, other clothing materials, decoration materials (SDL)
  • Color fastness and weather fastness tester (James Heal)
  • Crockmeter (James Heal), colour fastness to rubbing
  • Wrinkle tester (James Heal)
  • Water vapor permeability testing device, "breathability"
  • Light cabinet (Verivide), colour change assessment cabinet
  • Climate chamber (Espec), temperature and humidity testing
  • Favigraph (Textechno), fiber strength
  • In addition:
    • Standard (ISO 6330) washing machine and tumble dryer (Electrolux)
    • Standard atmosphere conditions (ISO 139)

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