Innovation and competence ecosystem in Tampere region for sustainable and smart textiles

In the project was implement two different pilots in close cooperation with companies and operators in the Pirkanmaa region. The themes for the pilots were in accordance with the common wishes and wishes, as they have been created in cooperation with companies and other actors based on the workshops carried out by the project. Operators get to learn, share their know-how and be part of the development of sustainable smart textiles of the future. Two pilots with different contents have been implemented in the project - a calming smart wearable for a team and contents of the digital product passport from the point of view of recyclability and sustainability.

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Cover image and "Smart and sustainable textiles using digital technology" article (only in Finnish) Tekstiililehdessä, 9/2023


Imagine if we could enhance our team spirit by synchronising our breathing.

Ripple is a smart sleeve which guides an e-sport team to synchronous calm breathing by touch.

E-sports players often experience high stress levels, nervousness, anxiety, and excitement prior and during a match. These have a negative impact on team spirit and performance.

Ripple is a smart short sleeve which assists using touch to calm breathing in a team. The sleeve gently strokes the arm of the player when it is turned on prior to or during the breaks of a game by the coach. When Ripple is on, the team breaths along with the stroking movement in a synchronous rhythm. This reduces stress levels, promotes a stronger connection between players, and improves co-operation and performance.

Pilot 1 prototype of the implemented smart wearable that increases calmness.

The purpose of the pilot was to plan and implement product development using design thinking for emotional (e.g. increasing calmness)/and divisive clothing/accessories for the e-sports team. In smart wearable, technology was integrated into the durable textile material, which in turn consisted of a wider technology platform, e.g. electronics, software and data components.

The prototype of the product made in the pilot can possibly be utilized and modified in a later stage, after the project, into an entity suitable for other target groups. Other target groups are e.g. office and remote workers, elderly people in home care or special groups.

Professionals and experts from different fields were involved in the implementation of the prototype, so that the prototype created in the pilot was turned into a functional entity. The pilot was run by HAMK and involved end users, textile manufacturers, material suppliers, design experts, IT and electronics experts, and TAMK assisted in the testing and selection of materials. 


The smart wearable prototype (Ripple) implemented in the project was in Dutch Design Week (DDW).
Smart wearables developed at Häme University of Applied Sciences on display at Dutch Design Week, HAMK Smart blog, 11.10.2023.
The Finns developed a smart sleeve: "Ripple strokes the player's arm", (only in Finnish) Mikrobitti, 15.11.2023.
In Häme was invented a sleeve that improves team spirit (only in Finnnish), Ilta-Sanomat, 18.11.2023


In the pilot, information on the material's recyclability, sustainability and harmlessness will be mapped and produced for the digital product passport. These help companies, partners, end users and consumers to make responsible choices. The pilot is led by TAMK and the actors participating in the pilot represent material, product and component manufacturers, textile maintenance and end users.

"The digital product passport is a technological solution that collects information about product responsibility, raw materials and product safety. The product passport can be used to gather information about the different stages of the value chain, such as product use, maintenance and recycling. The digital product passport is an initiative of the European Commission, which is part of the EU's proposal for a regulation on the ecological design of sustainable products. The work program for the proposed regulation is scheduled for the years 2022–2024." (Finnish Textile & Fashion and Technology Industries of Finland)

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Get to know the Europe-wide CIRPASS -project, where the gradual piloting and implementation of the digital product passport is being prepared.