The pilot section presents the results of the actions done in projects. Results contains information how different intelligence has been connected to clothes and textiles. But also information how exoskeletons suits to different work tasks and what kind of content digital product pass could have in the future.

DEVELOPMENT OF WEARABLE INTELLIGENCE TEXTILES -project has researched and developed two different areas: exoskeletons and conveying emotions and non-verbal communication using smart clothes.

INNOVATION AND COMPETENCE ECOSYSTEM IN TAMPERE REGION FOR SUSTAINABLE AND SMART TEXTILES -project implement two different pilots in close cooperation with companies and operators in the Pirkanmaa area. The themes for the pilots have been created in cooperation with companies and other actors based on the workshops carried out by the project. Operators get to learn, share their know-how and be part of the development of sustainable smart textiles of the future. Two pilots with different contents have been implemented in the project – a calming smart cloth for a team and the contents of the digital product passport from the point of view of sustainability.