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Future Wearable Lab is a place where you can innovate, make prototypes and test smart wearabales in collaboration with HAMK Smart research unit. Prototypes and piloting can also be combined to student projects, which is a great way to utilize fresh ideas, know how and multidisciplinary collaboration between different degree programmes.

Principal Research Scientist Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö, HAMK Smart Research Unit

"In the development of new smart wearable services, joint planning, multidisciplinary and human-centeredness are important, so that users' needs and values ​​can be met with new high-quality, desirable, sustainable and innovative products and services."

Principal Research Scientist Kimmo Vänni, HAMK Smart Research Unit

"Smart clothes have a future and many business opportunities for different industries. We offer for companies an ecosystem, innovation environment and equipment that can be tested in companies. Feel free to contact us and join in the development!"

Various exoskeletons, cooling vests, Iron Hand and muscle activation measuring devices have been acquired for the laboratory:

Teijin's cooling vests​​​, are suitable for warm working conditions.

Bioservo Ironhand, the device that supports the hand and its muscles increase the natural strength and improves the quality of life. Suitable for both right and left hands.
Magos, smart app for hand's AR/VR applications.

NooNee Chairless Chair, the seatless chair allows you to effortlessly switch between an active sitting, standing and walking position.

Hilti's exoskeleton, a passive upper body exoskeleton decrease load in shoulders and arms.
Suit-X, light (3,17 kg) upper body exoskeleton.
HeroWare Apex, light (1,5 kg) passive exoskeleton relieve back muscles exhaustion.
Comau Mate XT, passive exoskeleton that support shoulders and arms, improving the work ergonomics.
Hapo Posture, reduces the strain on the lower back.
Hapo MS, relieves the strain on the upper limbs, shoulders and elbows.
EksoEvo, removes stress and overload from the body while keeping you comfortable.
Japet, a device to reduce pressure on the discs in the back.
Levitate Airframe, improves the health of the musculoskeletal system of the upper limbs in repetitive movements.

HuStar, Kuntai Robotics' active lower limb robot supports walking.

Myontec, clothes and application that are measuring the EMG muscle activation.
Mboby, a sensor for measuring muscle activation.

In the Lab can be also tested intelligent technologies that are sharing emotions:

Bond Touch, sends and receives touch messages (vibration) among two persons in remote situations.
Heysends and receives touch messages (press) among two persons in remote situations.
IxuBear, a teddy bear that sends and receives touch messages (stroke) among two persons in remote situations.

Future Wearables Lab is situated in HAMK's Valkeakoski campus. The Lab is mobile, so it's also easy to test the devices in your own premises.
If you want to visit the lab, test devices and participate in the development of smart wearables
feel free to contact HAMK's development team.
Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö, Principal Research Scientist | satu.jumisko-pyykko@hamk.fi
Heidi Kerkola, Development Specialist | heidi.kerkola@hamk.fi
Kimmo Vänni, tutkijayliopettaja | kimmo.vanni@hamk.fi