This platform is a virtual meeting place for companies and other interest group that are operating or are interest to operate in the field of smart textiles and wearables. From this platform, you'll find information about different pilots made in collaboration with companies. From the materials you can find data bank, that includes information about the smart materials available in the markets and the latest research reports. There will be also a growing list of companies, that are operating in the field of smart wearables. Under the news category you can find upcoming events in the field of smart wearables.

Alustan sisällöntuotannosta ja ylläpidosta vastaa HAMKin
”Älykkyydestä uutta vastuullista muotoilua, muotia, osaamista ja liiketoimintaa” -hanke.

This platform is developed by
Developing competence in smart wearables” (10/2020-5/2023) ja
Innovation and competence ecosystem in Tampere region for sustainable and smart textiles” (9/2021-8/2023) -hankkeissa.
Molemmat hankkeet olivat Euroopan aluekehitysrahaston (EAKR) rahoittamia hankkeita. 
Jälkimmäinen hanke rahoitettiin REACT-EU-välineen määrärahoista osana Euroopan unionin COVID-19-pandemian johdosta toteuttamia toimia.